Celebrating the birth of Henry Dunant.

The 8th of May marks the birth of the founder of the Red Cross so its marked as International Red Cross Red Crescent Day. National Society across the globe celebrate and this year the theme was #ourprincipleinaction hence why all the delegates wrote a blog about the seven fundamental principles of the Red Cross Red Crescent. this year the Norwegian Red Cross celebrates 150years of Humanitarian work.

We in the Oslo Red Cross celebrated with three different groups, first the youth followed by IHL (international humanitarian law) group then the twinning group (child welfare program).

In celebration with the youth, we visited the University College in Oslo. We had a stand around the reception area where we had some cake and chocolate. We celebrated with PRESS PAUS, which is this year’s youth champagne. It means take a break you are good enough, emphasizing that people do not have to stress about being perfect so they need to relax a bit. At the stand we were joined by the Norwegian Red Cross President and National Youth leader.

The other celebrations we with the IHL where we had a stand near the parliament, had some fruits, chocolate, coffee and coffee vouches. In giving, those people also got a nice massage to share with a friend and maybe even write something nice.

The last one was with the twinning group where we went to the park, had a stand next to the kids play ground, we had some candies, Russian chocolates and gifts, we had some papers and pen so that they could draw on as well. We ended up helping parents find their kids and kids looking for their parents in our stand, that just shows how well known and trusted the Red Cross is.


Trip to Russia

As you guys may remember from our previous post: https://youthdelegatesoslo1415.wordpress.com/2015/03/03/weekend-with-the-russians/ that Oslo Red Cross has a district cooperation with Russian Red Cross (St Petersburg and Pskov branch) we had the opportunity to go to Russia together with our contact persons and other volunteers.

The aim of the trip was to visit was to have a workshop where were going to discuss the issues concerning joint activities, visit the youth activities, their information meetings and the orphanage.

Up on our arrival in St Petersburg we went to the orphanage, which is well organized and equipped. This is a home for young girls living there and they all have different backgrounds ranging from living in the streets to having troubles at home with parents.

Then the next day we attended the information meeting for new members, this to see differently the hold their meetings. The next days were characterized by workshops and planning the joint activities between the branches, sharing experiences of each district/branch how they conduct their activities and communication.

We also made presentation about the youth delegate program, our national society and HIV and AIDS in our country. We talked mostly about preventative measure and treatment of HIV and AIDS in Lesotho. Then the last day we visited children activities where children are helped with their assignment, language skills as most of this children are from a migrant background.


The 8th of May is the world Red Cross and Red Crescent Day. In the days leading up to the big day, the Youth Delegates in Nepal, Norway, Colombia and Lesotho will present each and every one of the 7 fundamental Red Cross/Red Crescent principles, drawing on experiences from the field in their respective host countries. We will be talking about UNITY.

The Fundamental Principles are an expression of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement’s values and practices. They were developed based on the Movement’s experience responding to suffering and needs over the previous century. The Fundamental Principles are at once operational and aspirational. They serve both as a guide for action and as the Movement’s common identity and purpose.


There can be only one Red Cross or one Red Crescent Society in any one country. It must be open to all. It must carry on its humanitarian work throughout its territory.

This is a powerful principle that carries humanitarian values being Harmony and Cohesion, Diversity and Pluralism and Confidence.

This means that:

National Society could oppose the creation of another Red Cross or Red Crescent Society in its country

National Society has to open its membership to a broad base in the population. It has to recruit its members from all the ethnic, social and other groups in the country to ensure better efficiency of its action. In any case, any discrimination in the recruitment of members would be a violation of the principle of Unity.

National Society has to be active in all parts of the country; this prohibits a region being excluded from the activities of a National Society in a discriminatory manner.

Tomorrow the Youth Delegates in Lesotho will be covering the principle of Universality:

To read more on the 7 fundamental principles follow our blogs:






information was obtained from: http://ifrc.org/en/who-we-are/vision-and-mission/the-seven-fundamental-principles/unity/

and the other pictures from Namibian Red Cross and Lesotho Red Cross.

It’s about time to do a hand over to our fellow volunteers from our national society

It was a phenomenal time when we met our national society volunteers at the at airport which is Lebusa Khasu and Nthatisi Lesala

It was a good and beautiful weather it was sunny and worm which was welcoming, and then we decided to go around the city of Oslo to show them some good places as they have arrived early around 11.am while other volunteers from Colombia and Nepal came later that day. We were with Sunil and Ishu when we showed Lebusa and Nthatisi around.

We had a great time together with the volunteers who are going to be the next youth delegates, and our task was to give them the pre YBTC where we the current delegate were sharing our experience and facilitating the team building session.

There were six presented countries, which was Lesotho, Nepal and Colombia, but very unfortunately Burundi was not presented at YBTC and we Lesotho we are hoping to go to Burundi or they will go to Lesotho so that they can get the information they didn’t get from YBTC.

There after we had the diner all together at Franco and Silvia’s place and dance together.

Sexual Health in Mortensrud

The sexual health project has now moved to Mortensrud where we have different age group (a bit younger than what we had in ORKIS). These are youth with migrant background, with age ranging from 13 to 17 and we had 75% boys and 25% girls attending. We had about 15 participants.

We started the sessions with sexual behaviors, attitudes and norms, which went well.

This time around, we used a different approach and methods in our discussion; we started with some games then moved onto scenarios where the kids were to discuss amongst themselves with our aid. Using scenarios has proved to be more effective since we get to test their knowledge on the topic.

Mortensrud is another Red Cross center a bit outside the city center where youth gather around, have some snacks and play. If you would like to know more about our projects in sexual health, you can always go back a little bit back on our posts and read our previous post: https://youthdelegatesoslo1415.wordpress.com/2015/02/16/sexuality-health/

On our sessions we were joined by a new volunteer who will be joining the project, she was there as an observer, soon we are going to have an information meeting for the new volunteers and the youth board who will be working on this project when we go back home. This is to ensure the sustainability of the project.

This coming weeks will be visiting the center with different themes, and later on have a girls night.

Family For All

Engagement time to everyone brings back the good real life atmosphere

We went to Sweden during Easter time with holyday for all team, where there were many participant but there were enough volunteers to assist and help the participants and monitor everything. This includes making sure that everyone is on time, kids are playing safely and everything is well taken care of.

We were playing deferent games like bowling, swimming, football, ski, and the snowball.

At the camp we played with the kids and ate together, apart from that both volunteers and parents seat together and socialize with each other.

Playing with the kids is an informal way of learning new language to most of us, and is very fun learning from the kids as they will tell you whatever they want to tell you even if you do not understand they just do it.

let the snow fall over you and enjoy the winter games

Pheko and Ntoetse

Working with women at the women’s cafe

This year we have been working at the women’s café both ORKIS and Mortensrud in Oslo where we are involved in a number of activities. In ORKIS we mostly play with the kids and talk with women in the café while in Mortensrud we have English lessons every second Wednesday. The English lessons take an hour and from there we just and socialize and women in the cafes mostly enjoy knitting and some sawing.

Most of the women in the cafes cannot speak English so they say its difficult for them to travel that is why we have this English lessons. These are women with migrant background and are the first generation in their families to come to Norway. They are mostly from Asia but we also have some from Africa, majority of them have Arabic and Pakistani as their native language but they also speak Norwegian.


When they were in their countries some studied English at school but now since they have been here in Norway for almost twenty or more years have forgotten English so leaning it is a priority. These are women in their late forty’s and early fifty’s.

Ntoetse and Pheko